1.        When you decide it's o.k to compromise your standards that you either go crazy trying to please others, you're shortchanging yourself.  Don't do it!   

2.      You run away from your feelings because you're afraid to face them. You deny them, you hide them, you ignore them, you allow your feelings to control you. You may blot them out with chemicals or nicotine. Don't do it!

3.        You procrastinate when it's time to heal a relationship. You nourish the hurts and wounds. When there's a problem in your relationship you are quick to be the winner of  the war. Don't do it!

4       You allow your bitterness and resentment to take precedence over your peace of mind, by entertaining the thoughts of the past hurt. Don't do it!

 5.      You are always looking for reasons to explain the attitudes and behaviors of your sick character, instead of a desire to change them. Don't do it!

 6.       You complain! complain! complain! You complain about just anything because you believe the complaining attitude is your birthright. Don't do it!

 7.       When things aren't going quite right in your life, you react by placing the blame on something or someone else, and avoid looking at your own shortcomings. Don't do it!           



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