The secret of successful living lies not so much in receiving but in giving. We all have to train ourselves to obey the impulses of giving, so that when we do not feel like giving, we will give anyway, especially of ourselves. The love, forgiveness, hope, understanding, kindness, compassion, tolerance and other character principles given to others, can surely make a difference in our day to day living. At Character Intelligence, we strongly believe in the principle of showing appreciation to those who have touched our lives by their effective character principles. 

Tell us about the men, women or children who have touched your life in one way or another. Tell us about the character principles that you admire in the person, and we would take care of the rest. We will send the person a letter of CHARACTER APPRECIATION informing him or her of your apreciation of their character principles. Reading the letter feels so good, because it is a letter of appreciation of the principles that are packaged within the person. Good things surely come in small packages.

Don't miss out on the privilige of showing appreciation in a very special way. As a bonus gift to your special one, we can even include the letter in a BIRTHDAY card, GET-WELL card, SYMPATHY card, ENCOURAGEMENT card, or just any other greeting card of your choice.  

To provide you with this service we would require the following information by email:

----    Recipient's name

----    Recipient's address (Number, street, apartment number)

----    Recipient's city and Province (use full spelling of Province or correct abbreviation)

----    Recipient's postal code

----    Recipient's country

Please tell us what your relationship is to the person whose character principles you are acknowledging.

The cost for this service is $15.00 anywhere in Canada and $20.00 outside of Canada.   


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