Character Intelligence is an Integrity of Character program. It is designed to help you answer the question "WHAT SHADE IS YOUR CHARACTER?" The program challenges you to reclaim your power and build the confidence to face your internal and external critics that may stand in the way of your character integrity. But as challenging as it might be, it's important for you to know that no one else can set your destiny. You are responsible for choosing the right shade for your character. The principles taught in the program have worked for thousands of people, and we guarantee you, they can work for you too.

Do you ever wonder how some people lead balanced lives while others don't? Do these people have an inner ear with which they listen for guidance and knowledge? You see, no one pays attention to the person who lacks character integrity. He cannot attract or convince others of his worth, because he does not know how. He hasn't been taught about the important laws of life, and how they can work for him or against him.

The Character Intelligence program can teach you these laws and more. 



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