A family is a system that is defined by its components, rules, roles and needs. It is my belief that character principles are important for every family and the foundation of success. Members of a family can only experience true success as they learn and integrate principles into their character. There are people with zero character integrity who have jumped into effective relationships without the maturity, the strength of character to maintain them, sad but true. The following experience will explain my viewpoint.    

 "It doesn't take much for Sam to be angry and mad at me and the kids. Whenever he's in a very mad mood he withdraws from me.  During these times I would feel anxious and my stomach and the rest of my body would feel weak. I get nauseous, I tremble, my head pounds, and my heart flutters. It's the worst thing I've ever felt in any relationship. Sam's face would get beet red, and the veins stand out in his neck. He's always breaking something and screaming. Just a few days ago, our daughter who is eight, kneeled next to me and sobbed onto my chest. She said she doesn't like it when her daddy is mean to her and me. It really tore me up inside when she said that, because I knew she is hurting. She would tell me how she feels nobody loves her, especially her daddy. I dread my husband being around our children. It wasn't an hour after our daughter and I had finished talking that my husband returned home from work and there's a blow up about something. Of course I can't mention about the talk between our daughter and me, or that would make him carry on even more."

So many of us are victims of people's unprincipled behaviors and attitudes, aren't we? Unprincipled people can melt you down if you allow them. Principles don't change. People who walk away from principles or even ignore them do greater harm to themselves and others, than they may ever imagine. My annoyance over these unprincipled people's way of life gives way to sympathy because I know they lack the vital knowledge of character principles.

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